Design Process

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SiteMedia Website Security. Defend your website powered by Sucuri



Thank you for choosing to work on your upcoming project.   Your Digital Angels prefer to work in Zen mode so our primary and preferred form of communication during the course of the project is e-mail at or you can text to + 1 954.673.6823.   Anytime you would like to chat, give us a call still.  We love to hear from you or schedule consultations! Most of all, please be kind as we help you shine!

Please familiarize yourself with The Design Process so that there are is no confusion my friend.



Make a deposit with Easy Pay

Make a deposit with Easy Pay

A mandatory deposit of 60% is required to begin your project and the final balance is due immediately upon completion.  

Please DO NOT initiate a project unless you are ready to pay in full when the project is completed.  We work with our hearts and offer awesome service and super prices and families and sweet little mouths to feed too!


Depending on the workload, we can start your project immediately and can add you to our roster of clients.  A typical custom graphic design project usually takes about 24-72 hours and when you make a deposit we begin your design portfolio immediately.  


banner8Next, Gather Information

Before you can start a project will need to know what are your specific needs. Gathering information is the first step of the graphic design process.  The more you tell us your vision, preferences or submit design samples, the better we can nail your vision for you.




Next, we need to know:Marketing

Who is the audience?

What is the message?

How many pages is the piece?

What are the dimensions?

Is there a specific budget?

Is there a deadline for completion?

Can you provide examples of designs you like?

Is there an existing corporate brand that needs to be matched?


Web Development Clients, Please take note:

A typical custom web design project takes about 1-3 weeks, depending on the project.




We’d like to hear your vision and become more familiar with your project.   We can also schedule brief phone consultations to go over details. We will work on the design and then provide you with your first rog a new design project, there are steps of the graphic design process to follow that will help you to achieve the best results.

Building a website is a lot like an architect building your dream home.   If you commission an architect to build your new home and then change the floor plan after work commences, you will incur additional fees.   After an architect and construction crew build your dream home and you fail to take out a security system or hire a staff to maintain your new business, you face the risk of break-ins and failure. 


Keep your site clean and secure from malware and hackers!

Every time shoppers place an order, they’re trusting you to keep them safe from hackers who steal information or spread spyware and viruses. Deliver on that promise with Website Security. It not only finds malware but the security gaps hackers use to break in


Likewise, our job is no different than architects or a construction crew.  We are a Design Dream Team and System Architects.   Usually, we will send a mock-up or sample of your new website to approve before we begin design.   Some clients trust us to decide for them.   Depending on the project, we will build your new website on a secure demo server where you can see your site being built in real time.   After we build your website, you MUST take the necessary precautions to maintain your website, update software and plugins accordingly, especially for Content Management Systems like Joomla and WordPress.





At your request, we can assign an account executive to update all software and widgets and you can hire one of our webmasters to make changes to content on your website when needed.   We are pleased to build a wonderful website that you are proud to show off.



There are (3) three revisions that come with your graphic design project.  Once the design concept is decided on, and you need more than (3) three revisions, you will be charged $35 for each additional revision.


Final Payment:

Once we receive the final payment, we send your official graphics file in many popular file formats you can use in web or print applications. 

For web design projects, your site can go live!  If you will be uploading your products on your own and isn’t quite ready to go live when we finish the design, that’s ok too!  We will provide you with any remaining log in info and when you are ready to launch, we’ll help you get your site launched.

We look forward to making your vision a reality and look forward to working with you soon.  Please feel free to contact us if you need more information by emailing or calling +1 954.673.6823.